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    Your toolset : what you need

    Did you ever have to copy data to another PC without any network connection card ?

    Do you have several PC's loaded with (bloated) incompatible systems (Win9x, Win/NT for example) and cannot easily move data that can be shared by both systems ? Than this HowTo is for you.

    I will try to explain how you can copy any file using only

    • one floppy containing a Linux mini-distribution : Tomsrtbt or LRP are taken as an example in this howto.

    • a cable to connect to both computers : this can be either a parallel cable or a serial cable, whatever you find more convenient or have at hand. Using a serial cable is noticeable slower than using a parallel cable. However on (some) Thinkpads I was unable to use the parallel cable : it did not work - I don't know why.